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Despite feeling slightly tired, I summoned my endurance and went to the Meetup event last night. It was at a hotel lounge where live jazz music was being performed. The lounge was right inside the lobby, so I didn't have to make a major search for it. Early on, I met one of the members of the jazz ban, a guy named Tom, and later his wife arrived. Additionally, I met one of the Meetup organizers, an older man named Ralph.

Some time later, the band began playing and I got to listen to their diverse assortment of jazz styles. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, a few of their performances were jazz versions of Latin American folk/traditional music. While observing the band, I had ordered an entree to dine on.

Later in the evening, I met some more Meetup members who had arrived and sat with them for a while. One of them was a lady named Karen, whom I had just missed at an event a few weeks prior. I got to know her a little.

After closing the book on the evening and the event, I came home and chilled for a time before bedtime.
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It's Happy Friday, so that means the weekend now looms. It has been a good, productive week overall. Tonight I have a Meetup event which will be at a location where live jazz music is performed. It will be a multi-Meetup group event, so it's sure to draw a sizable or large crowd.

I've been gradually conquering the sluggishness that has troubled me since mid-week. I have my sluggish spells, but other times, I'm feeling more like my usual self. Mom used some of the discounted ground chuck and ground turkey that I bought yesterday to make a big, scrumptious meatloaf, which we all liked.

Tomorrow I will be meeting Chris for lunch, and I have church Sunday morning. I managed to make it to the first service last Sunday, and I definitely plan to attend either service this Sunday. I prefer the first service since it doesn't draw a large crowd and since it's a much more laid-back service. But I know not to limit myself, as skipping services altogether has an unfortunate impact on me.

I think that tomorrow night, I shall have a Netflix evening, as I still have those 2 DVDs that I haven't gotten around to watching. Gotta stop slacking on that =P

Moments ago, I read today's edition of the digital AJC, to which I have a subscription. But it seemed rather dry and unexciting today. There were so very few new movie reviews in the Go Guide section for this week. Maybe next time will be better.

I'm feeling quite worn at this time, so I think that I shall catch some morning snoozing soon.
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Honestly, it's high time we have both a Libertarian president as well as many Libertarians in Congress. The Republicans and Democrats do nothing but mess everything up even worse, and policies they've instituted the last few decades have caused so many problems in America.

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